How much is shipping?

We charge a rate based on the weight of your order and location of your shipping address on all our boards which means you ALWAYS save on shipping. Shipping rate is subject to change.

When can I expect my Tin Roof package to arrive once I place my order on-line?

You can expect to receive your Tin Roof Cutting Board within 5-7 business days depending on availability. We work with the USPS for all shipping. Once your board has been shipped, you will receive an email notification with the tracking number. Personalized boards require an additional 5 days for production.

Can I request a rush delivery?

Yes. Call for rush delivery on cutting boards.

Do I really need to purchase the Tin Roof Cutting Board Mineral Oil?

Absolutely! Because Tin Roof Cutting Boards are not stained, they require the re-application of food safe mineral oil to maintain their natural beauty. Rubbing your board with food grade mineral oil (from Tin Roof or any other trusted brand) will prevent absorption of food odors, fill surface cracks that may otherwise harbor bacteria and ease cleaning. Keeping your board conditioned will also help to soften the appearance of nicks and cuts that are made during regular use of the board. Never use any vegetable or cooking oils to finish the wood surface because they can turn rancid. Regular oiling is recommended every 3-4 weeks depending on the frequency of use. You will know when it is time to re-oil because the color of the wood will get lighter and appear dryer. Don’t worry about applying too much oil- more is better. Tin Roof Mineral Oil meets requirements of US FDA regulations for direct and indirect food contact.

How do I clean and care for my new wooden cutting board?

When you take care of your Tin Roof Cutting Board, it is likely that your grandchildren will be using it. Our boards become more and more attractive with age when cared for properly.

  • Hand Wash with soap and water. Air dry on both sides.
  • Do not submerge in water and do not place in dishwasher.
  • To sanitize wooden cutting board, wash with a cloth or sponge soaked in white distilled vinegar. Leave for 10 minutes then rinse with warm water. Air dry.
  • Tin Roof Cutting Boards require a regular rub with food grade mineral oil to keep from drying out. Use a soft cloth to evenly rub mineral oil into your clean wooden cutting board. Allow the oil to soak into the board for 5-10 minutes. Remove excess surface oil with a clean dry cloth.
  • Store board on it’s side to allow the moisture levels to even out.
  • Be sure to use both sides of your cutting board. Using one side will cause moisture to soak into one side of the board, but not the other.

Does Tin Roof Kitchen & Home ever run specials?

Yes! Join our mailing list and follow us on Facebook for specials and discounts.

Can you offer me gift recommendations?

Weddings, holidays, housewarming celebrations, graduations, anniversaries and birthdays- a Tin Roof Cutting Board is the perfect gift for any occasion! Here are some popular choices based on price:

  • Under $20 Canopy Grove Quick Cut
  • Under $30 Canopy Grove Slider , Mini Clipboards, Cottage Coasters
  • Under $75 Canopy Grove Kitchen Mate
  • Under $50 Under $50 Spring Orchard Slider, Canopy Grove Square Prep, Oakleigh Breadboards, Standard Clipboards
  • Under $100 Spring Orchard Square Prep, Spring Orchard Walnut Slider, Canopy Grove Kitchen Mate, Medley Square Prep, TheOutdoorsman
  • Under $125 Wildwood Gourmet, Culinary Woodland Kitchen Mate, Canopy Grove Sharp Chef
  • Under $150 Wildwood Gourmet, Spring Orchard Kitchen Mate, Canopy Grove Block Top
  • Under $200 Sharp Chef in Forest Home, Spring Orchard, Culinary Woodland

Add a monogram for only $19.95

More recommendations:

I’m looking for….

  • a gift for a person who has “everything”
    The Wildwood Gourmet is our most unique board. Because it is a natural cross section of a pecan tree, we can guarantee that each Wildwood Gourmet is a one-of-a-kind functional piece of art.
  • the most board for the most affordable price
    The Canopy Grove series is for you. Canopy Grove is a flat grain series that is easier to produce and therefore more affordable to you.
  • a modern twist on a classic kitchen necessity
    Check out this stunning collection of padauk, walnut, oak and african mahogany in the Canopy Grove Medley.
  • a popular selection for females
    The Spring Orchard design is the favorite with the ladies.
  • a popular selection for males
    The craftsmanship of theForest Home makes it a favorite with the men. The Outdoorsman series is a natural fit for hunters and fishermen.
  • a special gift for the most discriminating cook
    The Garden Chef is marked by a rare, rich mahogany forming the window pane outline and much lighter oak being the window. This block top is laid out and pieced together by the same master craftsman each time and utmost attention is paid to symmetry and the aesthetic appearance.

I want to send a Tin Roof Cutting Board as a gift. Can you ship directly to the gift recipient and can you include a special note from me?

When you place your Tin Roof Kitchen & Home order, you will have a chance to fill in a billing address and a separate shipping address. We are happy to drop ship the cutting board directly to your gift recipient. You will have a chance to leave us special instructions in the check-out process. Let us know there that your purchase is a gift and that you’d like for us to include a card with a special message from you. Be sure to include what you would like for it to say. You can always call or email us with questions.

Who creates the boards?

These handmade cutting boards started as a hobby and a special Christmas gift from board creator Kurt Pratka. With his resources, Kurt personally chose the wood, aligned it to create a beautiful design, sealed the board and sanded it to perfection. Thanks to Tough Country Sawmill and a small dedicated staff managed by Kurt, the hand-made tradition continues.

I need help choosing the best board for my needs. Can you help?

Yes! We are always happy to help you over the phone or through email. Here are some tips that might help you get started:

The most unique piece and conversation starter is the Wildwood Gourmet.

If you are looking for the best quality- all of our end grain boards are a winner. This includes all cutting boards in Forest Home, Culinary Woodland, Spring Orchard, Garden Chef, The Outdoorsman and Wildwood Gourmet. Past that, it is all about your preference!

You can get the most amount of board for the most affordable price in the Canopy Grove series. Canopy Grove is a flat grain series that is easier to produce and therefore more affordable to you.

The nicest board we offer is the Garden Chef. This board is marked by a rare, rich mahogany forming the window pane outline and much lighter oak being the window. This block top is laid out and pieced together by the same master craftsman each time and utmost attention is paid to symmetry and the aesthetic appearance.

The biggest board we produce is the Culinary Woodland Block Top (17x18x2).

What is the difference in end-grain and flat-grain?

End grain butcher blocks are made by fusing together the end pieces of wood beams into a pattern of end grain blocks. End-grain designs resist knife marks and help keep the blades stronger. Instead of crushing against the wood fibers, the blade goes between the fibers like cutting into a firm paint brush. The end grain design makes for the strongest and most durable cutting boards, which is why they are preferred by professional chefs. These boards require an immense amount of intricate design and attention to detail. Because of this, a Tin Roof end grain cutting board is often referred to a functional piece of art. Tin Roof end grain designs consist of Forest Home, Culinary Woodland, Spring Orchard, Wildwood Gourmet and Garden Chef.

The majority of wooden cutting boards you find today are of a flat grain design. These board designs are made up of full-length wooden beams that span the length of the cutting board. They are easier to manufacture and are therefore less expensive. Tin Roof Flat Grain Cutting Boards are made with hand selected quality hardwoods so you know they are the best quality for the best price. Tin Roof flat grain designs consist of Canopy Grove, Canopy Grove Medley, and Autumn Trails.

I'm not sure what size I should select.

Quick Cut (5×8.5×5/8)- This small board is perfect for a drink counter or bar to cut lemons, limes and other garnishes.

Slider (8x12x1) and Square Prep (12x12x1.25)- Both boards are around an inch in thickness making for an easy access work and display piece. Great for cutting cheese and produce such as tomatoes and cucumbers.

Kitchen Mate (11x13x2)- Named for its versatility, this is a must have size for all kitchens. It’s durable, yet easy to manage. Ideal for daily chopping needs. Routed handles are standard on the Kitchen Mate.

Sharp Chef (11x17x2)- The Sharp Chef size is the multi-tasking cutting board. This workspace can handle all your preparation needs.

Block Top (17x17x2)- The master of all cutting boards, this block is ideal for large gatherings. It can easily manage a large roast, turkey or ham along with all your other preparation needs.

Board sizes may vary by an inch depending on board design. See specific product page for a more accurate measurement.

I like the monogram, but I would like my board to be personalized differently. Am I out of luck?

Nope. Let us know your fancy and we’ll do what we can to make it happen. All sales on personalized boards are final and additional fees may be applied.

I would like to order several boards at once. Can you offer me a discount?

Tin Roof Cutting Boards make great corporate gifts, hostess gifts, graduation gifts and wedding gifts. If you would like to place an order for five or more cutting boards, call us!

Can Tin Roof Kitchen & Home create a custom cutting board for me?

Yes, we can! Please call or email in your request. We will calculate a price estimate and move forward upon payment.

What is the warranty on your boards?

Tin Roof Kitchen & Home offers a six-month warranty against defects and workmanship. This warranty does not apply to damage over which we have no control such as neglectful maintenance, submersion in water, misuse of the product, normal wear and tear, exposure to extreme temperatures (such as direct sunlight or dishwasher) and/or humidity or alterations to the product. All Tin Roof Kitchen & Home are made using natural wood, therefore, we cannot warranty against swelling, shrinking, warping, splitting or any other physical defects that may occur to wood over time.

Repairs or replacements under this limited warranty will be made directly through Tin Roof Kitchen & Home. All packing and shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer to the manufacturing facility. If you would like to submit a request for repair replacement, please email a statement of the issue and proper photographs to Once approved, you will be issued an RMA number. Have this number visible on the outside of the shipping box when shipping to the Customer Service Department at Tough Country Sawmill, 1101 N Blue Creek Road, El Campo, 77437.

I've got a question not listed here. Now what?

Contact us! Call us at 855-879-6637 or shoot us an email at We will get back to you within 24 hours.