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Welcome to Tin Roof Kitchen & Home.

The finest hand crafted cutting boards available

Each Tin Roof Kitchen and Home product is unique and individually handmade from the finest wood. We aim to enhance the cooking experience by bringing together exquisite form and durable functionality.

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Connecting friends and family

Our True Passion

At Tin Roof, we pride ourselves on being a reliable part of the moments that friends and families share when they gather in a kitchen for a home cooked meal.  We also offer custom engraving and design for corporate events and company gifts.

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What makes Tin Roof Kitchen & Home

So special…

Each Tin Roof Cutting Board is unique and individually crafted. Our boards are not stained. They are only sealed, sanded and moisturized to enhance each board’s natural colors. We specialize in Pecan wood, but use a variety of hardwoods that include Walnut, Maple, Oak, Pecan, Mesquite, Padauk, Purpleheart, Teak, and many more. Specific woods can be used upon request for a customized board.

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Kind words from happy customers

“My wife bought me a new cutting board from Tin Roof Kitchen & Home and I love it! The colors are rich and the craftsmanship is top notch. I can tell this will be in the family for generations to come. ”

Trenton Hashley
Tin Roof Home

Custom woods of all varieties.

We specialize in reclaimed Pecan wood and use a variety of hardwoods that include Walnut, Maple, Oak, Pecan, Mesquite, Padauk, Purpleheart, and Teak, depending on availability.

Best of both worlds

Two Types of Cutting Boards allow us to bring quality and value

Our End Grain Boards are the best of the best. They have a much harder and more durable surface than regular cutting boards. They also resist knife marks and help keep them sharper. The blade goes between the end grain fibers like cutting into a firm paintbrush which preserves the blade and allows the fibers to move back into place after cutting.

The Canopy Grove Flat Grain Boards are easier to manufacture and are therefore less expensive. Tin Roof Flat Grain Cutting Boards are made with hand selected quality hardwoods so you know they are the best quality for the best price.

What are you waiting for? Order your custom cutting board today.